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Who We Are

Doorstep Vet is not a veterinary organization, not really. We are a people organization that uses the tools of veterinary medicine to accomplish our goals. We are all about the relationships.

Perhaps the best way to understand what we truly are is to examine our mission statement.

Our Mission Statement

  • To our patients we bring comfort
  • To our clients we bring guidance
  • To ourselves we bring balance
  • To all we bring compassion

Hello! I’m Casey

Hello, I’m Casey, founder of Doorstep Vet.  During my time as a general practitioner in Austin, I began to notice a real problem in the way in which we approach end-of-life care.  Wrapped up in the non-stop energy of wellness care, internal medicine, and surgery, I found that I and my colleagues were unable to slow down and be there for our patients and their families who were going through this final and very important life stage.  It isn’t that we didn’t care, it’s that we couldn’t stop and breathe.  How could we prioritize death over life when there were patients to treat, surgeries to perform?  But, as I practiced and learned about medicine and about life, I realized a simple fact: every life ends in death.

And so, I stopped and took a breath . . . and Doorstep Vet was born.  Here we pay time and attention to the smaller things, we slow down and enjoy what life we have–both our own and that of our patients.  We don’t see twenty appointments in a day, we see four.  We bring simplicity, peace, and comfort to our clients and to our patients.  I’ve joined forces with some of the most kind and caring veterinarians to bring the peace we’ve all discovered to the pet families of Austin.

Our Team

The heart and soul of Doorstep Vet are the people who show up every day to bring peace and comfort to the pets and families of Austin.  Learn more about the amazing people that make this company possible.


"Dr. Betts was so kind and warm. Doorstep Vet made the process as smooth as possible and they provided lots of resources. I was so grateful that our family could say goodbye to our friend peacefully in the backyard. Thank y’all for the service you provide."


"Dr. Charbonneau was the most caring and sympatric person I have had the pleasure of meeting in recent years. Her calm behavior and caring nature were outstanding. She went above and beyond to assist me with a very hard process. Again, I want to praise her for her compassion in a very difficult profession."


"For such a difficult time, this was the best experience I could have asked for to say goodbye to my best friend💔❤️ Very thankful for Dr. Pool"


The Angel Fund

We know that not everybody is fortunate enough to afford our services just as we also know that every pet deserves to have a peaceful passing.  In an effort to bring care to as many families and pets in need as we can, we are proud to provide financial assistance in the form of our Angel Fund.


The work we do here at Doorstep Vet is rewarding both professionally and personally.  We believe that pets aren’t the only ones who deserve an excellent quality of life.  It is one of our greatest goals as a company to bring sustainable career options to veterinarians that support a healthy work-life balance.