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Angel Fund

Giving back to our community.

About the Angel Fund

Doorstep Vet’s Angel Fund is a place where we find a way to give back to the Austin community.  The Angel Fund is used to help pet owners who turn to Doorstep Vet but aren’t able to afford all or part of their services.  We are blessed with the opportunity to be able to still bring peace to these pets and people who often are beset by circumstances beyond their control.

Though at first glance, in-home pet care may seem like a luxury service, we have found that this is rarely the case.  We regularly work with clients who are elderly or disabled and find themselves with a pet that has become immobile and cannot be moved.  Sometimes a pet becomes so painful that moving them to the vet can be dangerous or impossible, regardless of the capabilities of their family members.  Even when these heartbreaking logistical situations are not present, it is simply so much more peaceful to be able to stay in the comfort of home for a pet’s last moments that it is hard to call this a luxury service that is only about money and convenience.

It is important to be aware that contributions to the Angel Fund are not tax deductible and we are not a 501(c)(3) charity.  The Angel Fund was originally a way to redirect offered tips towards those who need them more than we do.  It has grown to include our regular internal contribution in honor of each of our patients.  We maintain the Angel Fund with the highest level of integrity and 100% of all contributions are applied to pets and families in need–we never deduct credit card processing fees or service fees from the amount available to recipients.

If you feel inspired to contribute further, you are invited to use the form below.