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Complimentary Quality of Life Consultation

Get a helping hand and some peace of mind by consulting with a veterinarian about your pet’s specific circumstances.

About Quality of Life Consultation

We at Doorstep Vet believe that you are the best one to determine when it is time to let your pet rest, so we never require a consultation with a veterinarian prior to scheduling an in-home euthanasia.  However, we do know that sometimes being able to have some guidance from a professional can be helpful.

When you suspect your pet has a compromised quality of life, but you aren’t sure what you should do about it, this may be the service for you.  Whether you are concerned about pain, appetite, or simply joy in your pet’s life, we can help.

During a phone call lasting approximately 10 to 15 minutes, your doctor will listen to your concerns and get an idea of what has been going on with your pet.

Your veterinarian will use their general understanding of animal physiology and disease processes as well as their advanced experience assessing pet quality of life to help guide you to a better understanding of your pet’s current situation.

At the end of your conversation, you will have a plan of action which can include resources to help you monitor your pet, some warning signs to watch out for, or maybe you’ll have made a more final decision.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Doorstep Vet is bound by the laws of the state of Texas which prevents us from diagnosing, treating, or prescribing medications without having physically examined a patient.  If you are still actively seeking a diagnosis or therapy for your pet, consider a consultation with a full-service veterinary provider.


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