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We believe transparent pricing is a critical part of removing stress and confusion during this difficult time so here you will find clear information and no hidden fees.

General Pricing

You can find the exact price for your pet by visiting our pricing calculator.



Our in-home euthanasia pricing includes everything involved in a peaceful and stress-free experience as well as a keepsake paw impression and lock of fur.  Additional fees may rarely apply for aggressive pets but will be discussed in advance of your visit.  An additional fee of $100 will apply for evening (after 4:30pm) and weekend visits.

Private Cremation


Private cremation includes transport of your pet from your home, dignified cremation in a private chamber separate from other pets, and placement of your pet’s ashes into a wooden urn with an engraved nameplate.  You will be able to pick up your pet’s ashes as part of this process or if you would prefer to have your pet shipped back to your home there would be an additional $80 cost.

Communal Cremation


Communal cremation includes transport of your pet from your home, dignified cremation with other pets, and scattering of your pet’s ashes at a beautiful burial ground and memorial garden outside of Houston.

*Additional fees apply for pets 100 pounds or larger, please use the Pricing Calculator below for exact pricing.

Euthanasia Pricing Calculator

Find out the exact cost of your visit using our simple calculator below.  Please note that particulary aggressive pets may incur an additional sedation time fee which would be discussed with you prior to scheduling.  This is uncommon but important to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Payment Options

We are able to accept payment prior to your appoinment via credit card.  If you prefer to pay at the time of your appointment, we can accept credit card, cash, or check.  Please note, we do not carry change to homes but can provide change by mailed check after your appoinment.

We are proud to offer payment plans via our partner company, ScratchPay.  You can apply in minutes using the link below at no risk to your credit score.  Please note that when applying for ScratchPay, you will still need to schedule your appointment with us here.

Service Area

Helpful Resources

Knowing the Right Time

Read about how to handle when no time is the right time and learn how to make this difficult decision a bit easier.

Quality of Life Scale

Use our Quality of Life Scale to interpret, measure, and track your pet’s quality of life.

What to Expect

Learn what to expect during an in-home euthanasia visit.  Help yourself to eliminate your anxiety and focus on comforting your family and pet.