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What People are Saying

“1000/10 would recommend”

“We requested an appointment, and they scheduled it for the next day. Dr Betts arrived at our house; she was great even though we were clearly not in our best selves. They even send us a letter a week after! I am so glad they exist, even if they were a part of one of the worst days of my life, they did make it better, easier and my baby left this world comfortably in her own favorite spot. THANK YOU! 1000/10 would recommend.”


“professional, compassionate and informative”

“Dr. Kim was incredibly professional, compassionate and informative. She helped ease our fears and really took the time to explain everything. We really appreciate her help during this time.”


“so loving and gentle”

“Dr. Charbonneau was the most caring and sympatric person I have had the pleasure of meeting in recent years. Her calm behavior and caring nature were outstanding. She went above and beyond to assist me with a very hard process. Again, I want to praise her for her compassion in a very difficult profession.”


“so kind and warm”

“Dr. Betts was so kind and warm. Doorstep Vet made the process as smooth as possible and they provided lots of resources. I was so grateful that our family could say goodbye to our friend peacefully in the backyard. Thank y’all for the service you provide.”


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